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Here is all Reasons to Work With Us

women empowerment

Mothers are the first step to prosperity of any nation. We can progress the society only by educating, empowering the respected mothers & girls in every way, hence Anjuro's working is fulfilling our duty in the society by becoming a helping assistant.

sports and culture

Sport and Cultural programs are an important means of developing the versatile personality of children & youth. Like Anjuro's working, every society should consider it as paramount and make continuous efforts.

farmer awaking

Due to the invaluable contributions of farmers, every society should keep them in the first class. Presently Anjuro is working for environmental protection by making the neglected farmers aware and helping them.

old age care

Service to the elderly is directly a service to humanity by which the civilization of a society is measured. Anjuro's working is continuously engaged in helping the disabled and poor elderly people of the society.

health sanitation

Only by conserving water can the concept of survival, pure water, cleanliness and health be fundamental to life. Anjuro is running a vigorous campaign of tree plantations and awareness work for water conservation.

handicapped welfare

Disability is a stigma for civilized society. Anjuro's are helping people with different types of disabilities as much as possible, thereby creating a healthy society.

Our Impact


Our initiative is addressing the educational needs of thousands of remote & resource starved village/ slum schools by channelizing under-utilised material of city’s affluent schools not as a thing to distribute but as a tool to bring about comprehensive behaviour change in the recipients and the contributors!

Scores of children leave schools for unimaginably reasons like lack of Bags, Note Book, Pencil, Water Bottle or inability of parents to pay the recurring expense of stationery, which are abundance in urban schools.

Environment Protection Begins With You

Climate change is having significant and costly effects on our environment, health, and communities around the world. Issues like rising temperatures, extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, and rising seas cannot be ignored. Climate change encompasses not only rising average temperatures but also extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising seas, and a range of other impacts.