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Salus populi suprema lex : Just do it.

ANJURO welfare society is a registered NGO working for humanity in India since 2003 in the Direction team with founder Sanjeev Kumar. Discover the alchemy to transform your life full of inner peace & lead you as the secrets of sustainable gardening.

Life is a gardening. Explore sustainable gardening techniques to creat a world of mindfulness meditation in our comprehensive guide. Discover how mindfulness practices can reduces stress enhance well-being and lead with social justice happier life.

ANJURO WELFARE SOCIETY   belief  that investing in child education is one of the most effective entry points for human development. Driven by this belief, we strive to provide children with a hot, nutritious and tasty mid-day meal every school day as an incentive to come to school. Thus, the vision – ‘No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.’

With our thoughts and voluntary efforts  many individuals educated  &  uneducated alike have become self reliant  embracing a discerning and skillful path of life  contributing to the main stream of society  and  making their lives fruitful. 

Let all be happy, let all be free from debilitation, let all see goodness, let there be no victims of sorrow.

We Anjuro Welfare Society firmly believe in the timeless principle Salus Populi Suprema Lex : it underscores that the welfare of the people & community is supreme law. 

Our dedication to the well-being : prosperity, security, social justice and happyness which is paramount of the people & creature is at the heart of everything we do. This is not just a moto  it is the foundation of everything we do.

Salus populi transcends borders and languages. It applies to all nations across the globe  whether in times of crisis or periods of tranquility. Throughout history societies have grappled with the dedicate balance between individual liberties and the collective welfare. 

Explore our initiatives  join us in our journey and be a part of a society where the welfare of people truly reigns supreme. Together we can achieve greatness for our community  our nation and our world. 


Our Vision is to break the vicious cycle of poverty, social isolation & social injustice,  and restore hope for a better future. Establishing a skillful, effective and religious lifestyle.

OUR Mission

To educate & empower women, needy one and environment,  to advocate, encourage and guide positive health seeking behaviors with special emphasis on physical, mental and social well-being. 


To work sincerely for humanity without any discrimination including but not limited to colour, cast, sex, creed, religion & nationality and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas on the social, cultural & educational conditions of society.


Service and helping is the main moto of our NGO. Uplifting the backward sections of the community,  and remove the gap of inequalities and unfair treatments  along with environmental protection.  


Every time you make an online donation to ANJURO, you make a child's life better. Donate Now.

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